Friday, April 07, 2006


Now we know we didn't get into Juliard they only accepted 10 students for the entire school. Then there is Eastman our "sure thing" not so sure, we are onthe wait list number 1 or 2 but the wait list anyway.
Jobs look like this Colorado Springs wants to meet with Eric and there is a church in Houston he applied to and they called his references with in the hour of getting his resume. So read into that what you want I am done trying to read the minds of organists. That should have you all up to date and oh yeah I am flying to see my family the end of May we will move out before June 1st. Is anybody else worried about what we will do after we leave here. ME TOO

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

This is straight after the performance he was so happy. He did very well and got the only standing ovation for a student in Woolsey Hall. Of course Jessica was very proud of her Daddy and always looking for a photo op.  Posted by Picasa

Jessica is Erics closing act singing "since you been gone " by Kelly Clarkson Posted by Picasa