Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Here for your veiwing pleasure

Ok so I think I have posted all the photos I have for right now. As you can see we were busy and Jessica had so much on our trip. I was totally lazy the whole trip which was wonderful.

Its a PARTY!!

Jessica's birthday has been going on for what seems like forever. Before we went to San Diego we had a little friends party here, then her class had a birthday party. Everyone in the class said something nice about her and one boy said she was cute. Her best little friend is named Morgan the same as in Texas. Then we had a party on her actual birthday in San Diego. Plus her Dad has spoiled her with presents. Needless to say she loves to get the mail. This is the inside of my parents 5th wheel.

Birthday Bike Fun

Jessica wanted to rent one of bikes that we could pedal together. Only trouble is she couldn't reach the pedals so I ended up doing all the work. We also gave my Mom and Dad a ride so Jessica moved to the basket. I look really big in this picture I am really big but not that really big I swear.

Beach fun

I thought it was a little cold it just happens I had bronchitis. Jessica didn't want to go in the water because she said the water was too cold. The water in Houston was much warmer. We had a great time anyway.
The one picture is of my brother's family.
Then there is the kids digging a massive hole in the ground they had a lot of help from my brother in law Jared too but I didn't get him in the shot.
I was covered in towels to keep from freezing and they were in suits. I still got a sun burn on my calves and feet.

Star fish hunting

This is Jessica and her cousin Tatelyn star fish hunting. Because they didn't want to go on the splash ride well Jessica didn't and Tate wasn't big enough even though she said " I big SEE" notice the diffent facial expressions later Jessica decided that the star fish weren't gross.

It takes a Manatee

Me and Jessica heading in to the manatee rescue. Yes I was hiding behind a large sea creature. I feel really big right now. By the end of the day I was having 6 to 7 contractions in an hour. Is that a problem. Nah cuz we all made it safe and sound but I did feel like a manatee out of water by the end.

Sea World

This is more of the kids having too much fun.
Jessica said that penguin is kinda freaky mom. But when the other kids were getting their picture she decided the penguin wasn't as freaky.
Then there is the sea lions notice my nephew Carson is striking a pose and his brother is ready with the camera.

I almost forgot

Kami also brought cupcakes for everyone for Jessica's birthday. Huge hit with the short people. Ok and the tall ones.

Blast from the past

This is my dear friend Kami from Logan UT. Ok now she lives in Riverside CA. But she made the over 1 hour trip to see us. When we lived in Logan she was 2 houses down and we both had very small kids not so much anymore.
Totally fun to see her.

Kind of cold in CA

The kids loved that they saw a "real" pirate ship.
It was a little chilly but we were cool with it cuz we are so HOT.
Then there is everyone except me (I am behind the camera) on the ferry from San Diego to Cornodo Island. The kids thought that was too much fun. My nephew Brody said "Dad now this is memorable." Glad we could help Brody

Look what he is holding

This little bolt held up our travels for quite some time. We had to stop when we went into CA. To check if we had any citrus so they raided the fridge and confiscated our grapefruit and a yellow pepper. A definite threat to national security. Or at least to the farmers of CA. When we pulled out to catch up to my brothers rig we found our little treasure.
Here is also the whole family I forgot to mention that my brother Jared was ahead of us and had to run back about half a mile to help us change the tire. I am a little to big to lift the tire myself and Dad can't lift more than 5 pounds and my Mom is well my Mom so she couldn't do it. Anyway so my brother ran what a nice guy. We went to a truck stop tire store to get the tire fixed and they also found 3 nails and a partridge in a pear tree. Actually they laughed kind of hard it was like this massive hole from the bolt then 3 more little ones from the nails. We are evidently magnetic who know?

Too cool for Idaho

This is Jessica with her cousins Brody(the boy), Tory(squatting), Mindy(baby), and Elise (standing)
Oh yea and the dog Lucy. And yes the dog thinks she is a human baby, Jessica might agree.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Fun in the Snow

This is Jessica and Carson and Stetson at Thanksgiving. A little late I know but better now than never.

Blog Much????

It has been awhile since I last wrote and I am sorry . Things have been a little up in the air. But on to good things Jessica and I went to San Diego for a vacation with my Mom, Dad, sister Jeanna and her family and my brother Jared and his family. All in all there was 15 people, 2 RV's and a mini van. Jessica has 3 cousins her age in those two families Elise who is almost a year older and exactly the same size and Carson and Stetson who are the twins.
Just before we left Eric sent Jessica a bike and she learned to ride without training wheels. She thinks she is a real pro. She is sporting a few war wounds from going too fast but I told her that means she is really a kid before it was a toss up.
We stayed at a KOA in San Diego. That was totally nice and they had cabins for the folks without an RV. There was a pool and playground needless to say Jessica was BUSY.
On the way down she let me know that riding in the truck with the old people (me, my mom and my dad) was not all that fun. Hey we tried to be cool but we couldn't be as cool as a van full of kids. So we were officially ditched for the van. So I got a quiet ride to San Diego and she had a blast. She learned to play hang man, Mother may I?, Jinx (heaven help me) and a plethera of others.
We celebrated her Birthday many times I actually have pictures of that.
We hit Sea World and got a little sun burned, and the beach. White pasty folks in California prime for burning.
Ok now I am going to try and do some pictures I will see how that little number goes