Monday, September 25, 2006

I sluffed work

Ok so what kind of example am I to my kid???? My brother has the day off work and so we have been just hanging out. Everyone thinks we are married!!! Hello my BROTHER and he is 40. I will post a pic he doesnt look 40. Anyway back on topic. I am supposed to teach a pilates class tonight at 5:30 but Eric and Dru (my bro) want to go to a movie. So we will later I say after 6:30 when my class gets over. Ah Hell lets cancel class so I did.
I even taught a lesson on honesty yesterday.
How juvinile and FUNNY
I gotta go party

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Go Astro's

So for family night we went to an Astros game here at the Minute Maid stadium. We bought our tickets from a scalper on the street we paid $10 for tickets right behind first and 11 rows up.
We even ended up on the big screen they caught me doing a really dumb face. Go me!!!
Jessica was just jabbering her little head off and not watching the game when the Astros scored sending the crowd of 30,000 into an uproar. Well Jessica fell out of her chair and Eric and I were usless to help her we were laughing to hard.
Our punishment she has been singing take me out to the ball game all day.

Funny things kids say

Eric was planning a day out with Jessica and he said "what movie do you want to see?" her response, " we just can't see the one about the sock!" Eric "about the sock?" Jessica responds "yeah, because Ivelin (our neighbor) is taking me to that one" I jump in " Jessica do you mean Pippy Long Stocking?" Jessica responds "yeah the one about the sock"
Hey whatever so long as she is happy.
One day Jessica was showing us all that she has learned at school. Standing very tall she points to her left and says that is my left (insert appropiate parental approval aka good job....) and this is my right (again appropiate parental approval).
Then very seriously she adds and this is my south pointing behind her. Hey we thought it was funny.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Family Day

Miniture golfing in the dark. It was really fun even though Eric tried to use Jessica as a T. Hey it was dark

6:30 am comes early

It turns out that none of us love 6:30. I make breakfast and jessica's lunch while they try to get ready. Aren't they cute???