Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hello Vikings

Since Dru and Eric lost their heads I was single for a minute it was fun.
That Festival was FUN

Flatulent Oaf and the unwashed weasel

This happens to boys who look at the other picture. I have your back Krista (Dru's wife)

UMM what to say????

This is a sample of those who ventured out to the festivities.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Texas Fair

This is the Fort Bend County Fair. As many of you know I am addicted to county fairs, this one was a fun small town affair. While we were there is was roughly 100 degrees seriously. So we put Jessica on the swing ride to cool her off, our first plan was to spend the day at the fair and then go to the rodeo that night. That would be why we bought the $20 wrist band so she could go on every ride, that would have been a great idea except we are beginer Texas fair goers after only a few rides and seeing all the livestock we ended up suffering from heat exhaustion and went home feeling sick and all fell asleep.

Hunt Kill Eat

Eric and Jessica ate a sausage on a stick, Dru got a turkey leg and I the great hunter had an apple dumpling. Well hunting is not my strong suit.

Jousting and Juggling

This is Eric and my brother Dru

Scarey People

Mid Evil Nursing Bra

This thing is amazing great support and easy access. Ok I am kidding but funny huh

Welcome to the Festival

These pictures will be all out of order but here goes. We went to the Renaissance Festival and did we SEE a lot.
This is a Beef Eater as they call them in England Jessica had her picture taken in London with a real Beef Eater when she was about 4 months old she had a pudgy little hand around some part of his uniform and wouldn't let go, this time we had to almost push her to get a picture

Little Village


We made it to the rodeo and had a good time the best part may have been when the flag girls. Came riding out and did a criss cross pattern in the middle of the arena and 1 girl wasn't paying attention and broad sided another horse and rider. Girls went one way horses went another flags broke and cowboys came from everywhere. No worries the horses never fell or got hurt but they probly weren't real proud of their riders. Because later the girl that caused the wrecke got bucked off on to her head. It was a star studded rodeo well only if you are into rodeo but it was good.


Somebody is having fun but I don't think it is the pony.