Sunday, December 17, 2006

Where have the Gundersens been??

So sorry that I haven't written in such a long time. Lets talk about why. Well I am due to deliver the next Gundersen in June, so lately I have been paying homage to the porcalin thrown. I also just opened the newest LA Fitness days go like this hire people plan schedule and vomit consistantly through out the day. The people in corprate offices came to my gym and I had to do a conference with them for all of the LA Fitness aerobics people in Houston. To beat all I am still working at another gym and still have personal training clients. So free time is hard to come by I do have photos and stuff for ya'll. And promise to get them up ASAP.
I will be sending out the Christmas letter sometime soon we may need to call it a New Years letter, you know me I am always a little late.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hello Vikings

Since Dru and Eric lost their heads I was single for a minute it was fun.
That Festival was FUN

Flatulent Oaf and the unwashed weasel

This happens to boys who look at the other picture. I have your back Krista (Dru's wife)

UMM what to say????

This is a sample of those who ventured out to the festivities.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Texas Fair

This is the Fort Bend County Fair. As many of you know I am addicted to county fairs, this one was a fun small town affair. While we were there is was roughly 100 degrees seriously. So we put Jessica on the swing ride to cool her off, our first plan was to spend the day at the fair and then go to the rodeo that night. That would be why we bought the $20 wrist band so she could go on every ride, that would have been a great idea except we are beginer Texas fair goers after only a few rides and seeing all the livestock we ended up suffering from heat exhaustion and went home feeling sick and all fell asleep.

Hunt Kill Eat

Eric and Jessica ate a sausage on a stick, Dru got a turkey leg and I the great hunter had an apple dumpling. Well hunting is not my strong suit.

Jousting and Juggling

This is Eric and my brother Dru

Scarey People

Mid Evil Nursing Bra

This thing is amazing great support and easy access. Ok I am kidding but funny huh

Welcome to the Festival

These pictures will be all out of order but here goes. We went to the Renaissance Festival and did we SEE a lot.
This is a Beef Eater as they call them in England Jessica had her picture taken in London with a real Beef Eater when she was about 4 months old she had a pudgy little hand around some part of his uniform and wouldn't let go, this time we had to almost push her to get a picture

Little Village


We made it to the rodeo and had a good time the best part may have been when the flag girls. Came riding out and did a criss cross pattern in the middle of the arena and 1 girl wasn't paying attention and broad sided another horse and rider. Girls went one way horses went another flags broke and cowboys came from everywhere. No worries the horses never fell or got hurt but they probly weren't real proud of their riders. Because later the girl that caused the wrecke got bucked off on to her head. It was a star studded rodeo well only if you are into rodeo but it was good.


Somebody is having fun but I don't think it is the pony.

Monday, September 25, 2006

I sluffed work

Ok so what kind of example am I to my kid???? My brother has the day off work and so we have been just hanging out. Everyone thinks we are married!!! Hello my BROTHER and he is 40. I will post a pic he doesnt look 40. Anyway back on topic. I am supposed to teach a pilates class tonight at 5:30 but Eric and Dru (my bro) want to go to a movie. So we will later I say after 6:30 when my class gets over. Ah Hell lets cancel class so I did.
I even taught a lesson on honesty yesterday.
How juvinile and FUNNY
I gotta go party

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Go Astro's

So for family night we went to an Astros game here at the Minute Maid stadium. We bought our tickets from a scalper on the street we paid $10 for tickets right behind first and 11 rows up.
We even ended up on the big screen they caught me doing a really dumb face. Go me!!!
Jessica was just jabbering her little head off and not watching the game when the Astros scored sending the crowd of 30,000 into an uproar. Well Jessica fell out of her chair and Eric and I were usless to help her we were laughing to hard.
Our punishment she has been singing take me out to the ball game all day.

Funny things kids say

Eric was planning a day out with Jessica and he said "what movie do you want to see?" her response, " we just can't see the one about the sock!" Eric "about the sock?" Jessica responds "yeah, because Ivelin (our neighbor) is taking me to that one" I jump in " Jessica do you mean Pippy Long Stocking?" Jessica responds "yeah the one about the sock"
Hey whatever so long as she is happy.
One day Jessica was showing us all that she has learned at school. Standing very tall she points to her left and says that is my left (insert appropiate parental approval aka good job....) and this is my right (again appropiate parental approval).
Then very seriously she adds and this is my south pointing behind her. Hey we thought it was funny.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Family Day

Miniture golfing in the dark. It was really fun even though Eric tried to use Jessica as a T. Hey it was dark

6:30 am comes early

It turns out that none of us love 6:30. I make breakfast and jessica's lunch while they try to get ready. Aren't they cute???

Saturday, August 26, 2006

YES!!! I AM that mom!!!

You know what Mom I mean the one who video taped the whole morning. I from waking her up to leaving her in her classroom. You will notice I took a few pictures. Did I cry yes for a minute it's just that she is all that I have and she is growing up so I called my Mom at 7 am her time and we cried together. I had to keep Eric from going to get her too early he was sure that she wasn't having any fun and that we should pull her out of school right away. She came home I bought her flowers and then we all went swimming. I feel like I never see her I drop her off before 8 and pick her up at 3 but I leave for work again by 4 or 5 and then it is time for her to go to bed. Wow this is long anyway I hope everyone is doing well

Her classroom There they go!!

Fashion Icon

Isn't she cute but notice she is missing another tooth We are so proud

First day of School

She is on her way to graduating!!! Think, she won't stop now until she graduates, that my friends is a big deal!!!
Like the uniform?? She was nervous and frankly so was I.. We just finished week 2 and she still likes it so all must be well.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Little Girls Grow Up

So it is official Jessica starts kindergarten tomorrow. Eric gave her a fathers blessing. She can't even think about school it makes her cry she also can't seem to remember her name when some one asks.
As it turns out she is not in the same class as her little friend which was a bit of a stresser. She doesn't know her address and she did in CT she mixes up our phone numbers so she worries that she couldn't find us, if she needed to. I keep telling her that we won't lose her but she is pretty scared about it all.
School starts at 7:50 AM and gets out at 3:00 PM.
I can't tell you how many stores we went to looking for the perfect lunch box. Since she is going to wear a uniform her lunch box and backpack have to be just so cool.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My brother is here kicking it with us.
He just had an interview with LA Fitness for a sales and or management postion. If he chooses to take it he will be living here with us poor soul..
I have to run to work

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Zoom Zoom

This really is my new car. Can you believe it???? I will be sweating a lot to pay for it but oddly enough I am ok with that. Come visit I will take you for a ride:)

Saturday, July 15, 2006

While awaiting the arrival of our furniture that was en-route via St. Petersburg, we spent a couple of days in Galveston. Galveston is Texas version of happiest place on earth, and approx 25 minute drive from Houston. There are miles of sandy white skinny beaches (read into that however you want), and lots of restaurants to entertain those of us who are not. There is also cruise ships, old towns, museums, and sharks in the free as well as captivity. Well, before we jumped in the gulf of Mexico as live bait, we decided to take a closer look at our predators. Moody Gardens is a fun place to check out a tropical rainforest, and entertaining fish tanks. For dinner we went to RainForest Cafe', which is located on the beachwalk in Galveston. For those who would like to visit us (or if you want to come unbeknown), make Galveston a must see on your trip.

Jessicas New Friend...

Jessica has spent much time in the pool. Our apartment complex does not have a lot of children. However, Morgan happens to be Jessicas age, and they will both start kindergarten at the same school.
By the way, the previous picture was taken on the 4th of July. It was raining, and we went to the Astrodome, where the worlds largest indoor carneval was hosted.

Still alive and well

Things are going wonderful!! I did an official Cowgirl Up!! My furniture is here finaly!!!
I am working at LA Fitness and a private pilates studio and LA is considering me for the aerobics coordinator position. That means that I would not only get paid for each class but I would also get a salary. Yeah me!!! clap clap clap
Right now I teach 7 classes a week. But I have to take a bunch too to qualify to be a coordinator I will be attending or teaching 17 classes a week holy crap that is a lot of sweat.
Eric and Jessica spend a lot of time at the pool and now it looks like Eric going to get job that would be fun
I will post pictures soon

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Houston we have landed

In case you were wondering I may never quit using NASA terms. Heck I LIVE in houston.
Well after a long and prblem filled flight we made it. I am trying to be totally up beat and happy but I am camping in my apartment.
Our stuff hasn't even left new jersey yet. So it is paper everything no dressers and that is a little rough.
To add insult to injury Jessicas tooth started to hurt last night meaning we only have a day or two to qualify for state aid and get her to a dentist. We aren't holding our breath.
I have to wonder with all of the complications did we choose the wrong place to move too. Please I need to have friendly advice.
This my friends is me falling apart.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Houston prepare for an invasion

Jessica and I are flying out tomorow. We leave at 8 am to get to the airport for our 1:34pm flight. So the move will finally begin!!

Goodbye Alley

If you read my previous posts you know that Alley wasn't doing very well here. She continued to throw up no matter what I tried. She was happy outside though, in the apartment she was scared a lot, but she was a different cat outside. She loved it when she wasn't sick. She was loosing her hair and I just couldn't make her stay any longer for my sake. So I took her down to the vet to see what they thought and that is when I put her down. I mean I am the one that held her and preped her (I used to work for the vet). I couldn't do the shot I was an emotional wreck as it was.
Probly the hardest thing I have had to do in a long time. I have never had to make the call I always went a long when my parents did.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


So my darling little star of a daughter has some serious oral trouble. First we find out she has 7 count them 7 cavities (somebody wasn't brushing very well) That was going to cost us a whopping $484.oo. Hell-o !!
Then they get in there to find out that she actually needs a root canal. That will cost well lets add it up
971.99 - surgical center
500-600 - anastesiologist
383.00 - dentist
484.00 - other cavities
What the #$%@!!!$%^( #$#$%^&*($
Then to beat all when her lip was asleep she bit it. I mean Hard. Almost clear through. Guess what happened next? Wait for it,..... yes folks it is now INFECTED!!!
So why not pull it?? My thoughts exactly. The permanent tooth under it wont show up until she is 12, we need to save room for the real one coming in.
Heaven help us.

GOOD &@!!%^**

Ok so I can swear on my own freaking blog. It took me for freaking ever to figure out that my brother in law changed my password too.
So now I have a ton to catch up on.
We went to Salt Lake and saw Becca and Andy, Macy and Kate played with Jessica and they all had a good time. We were actually there for eric's concert which was really good not that I am byassed. I was thrilled to think that maybe Kate remembered me.
So sad news turns out that I am the worst person that have a pet. I brought Alley you know my cat with no teeth and too many toes and yup she is deaf.
I was affraid that the flight and change might be to much for her and it seems that might be the case. No matter what I feed her she throws up all of the time she is losing her hair in clumps. I am trying to give her pepcid because that is what worked in CT but so far it isn't working. But when she isn't pucking she really seems to enjoy her time outside. Even though she won't walk on the grass. She sleeps on the hoods of my parents cars. She also pucks there OOPS. I will take her into a vet before I head to TX but I will not be bringing Jessica just in case the vet isn't going to say this is totaly normal.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

I have my blog back

I was helping my brother in law set up a blog and some how combined the two but they are seperate now.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

I am back

I am currently at my Mom and Dad's house in Idaho. Jessica had a little meltdown today she said she might miss Connecticut. I don't know how to help her I miss it too.
I have all kinds of pictures of Eric graduating and all kinds of stuff. BUT this computer is too old and it takes a long time for things to work. So here is for hoping I figure out how to do pictures on this computer. To think I just about figured out MY computer.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Houston we have a house

We just signed a lease for a 2 bedroom condo, the school is good not stellar but good.
I dont have the exact address right here and I am just to freaking lazy to go and get the paper with it on it.
Let the never ending packing continue.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Blue eyes again

Let me give you the low down on how the antibiotics get into Jessica's eyes.
We sit down on the couch she lays onto my lap, I get the drops and go in for the drop when just as the liquid hangs above the target. She sits up and says wait wait wait. This happens many times making her forehead infection free. The first time I had to use one leg to hold down both of hers and V-Nat had her hands. Still the little crapper got away so we try again then she screams so loud and hard that she starts coughing and gaging. Now we have it down to a science, just me and Jessica. Her eye looks a lot better and tomorrow she gets to go back to school so that means I am back at the gym in full force.
Jessica has now decided that she loves the color pink for everything except her eyes those she likes blue.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Houston we have a plan

In case you didn't notice I have neglected my duties to the Blog. Well things have been a little more than crazy around here.
Eric is going to attend Rice University yup the one in Houston. So it is off to Texas we go.
Eric is there right now to finalize the application process, and find an apartment. Which is proving to be a definate challenge. Finding a nice apartment is easy enough but finding one in a good school district is a killer. Mainly because I am a snot when it comes to my kid. I mean a real snot I only have one .
Yesterday we had a tag sale and we did rather well I am now missing a large sum of my crap which is a really good thing.
Eric heads out today for Mexico he will be there for 2 weeks so that means that I will be packing up the house with the help of little Jessica. Who is currently sporting a large swollen pink eye not just the kind that you ignore, the kind where you have to take her to the doctor. And my friends, today is Sunday can you belive that doctors take a day off.
And so do apartment complexs well that makes today a day of rest no matter what.
But that doesnt mean I should avoid the shower I smell almost as bad as the garbage.

Friday, April 07, 2006


Now we know we didn't get into Juliard they only accepted 10 students for the entire school. Then there is Eastman our "sure thing" not so sure, we are onthe wait list number 1 or 2 but the wait list anyway.
Jobs look like this Colorado Springs wants to meet with Eric and there is a church in Houston he applied to and they called his references with in the hour of getting his resume. So read into that what you want I am done trying to read the minds of organists. That should have you all up to date and oh yeah I am flying to see my family the end of May we will move out before June 1st. Is anybody else worried about what we will do after we leave here. ME TOO

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

This is straight after the performance he was so happy. He did very well and got the only standing ovation for a student in Woolsey Hall. Of course Jessica was very proud of her Daddy and always looking for a photo op.  Posted by Picasa

Jessica is Erics closing act singing "since you been gone " by Kelly Clarkson Posted by Picasa

Monday, March 27, 2006

Sit down and get comfy

My computer is finally letting me post pictures so this is a marathon of posts. Have fun!!!

This kitty also surfs Posted by Picasa

She is a CAT folks.. who is trying to see the paint on her face. I totally let her try. Mean I know Posted by Picasa

This my friends is a very expensive birthday party. At the Colony hotel in NH, fully catered and an open bar, (for the parents) every kid got a kick board just for showing up totally unreal. Posted by Picasa