Thursday, April 03, 2008

So how lucky am I??

Ok I have decided I must LOVEdrama. Because nothing I do is drama free seriously. You would think a quite drive to work on a Monday morning would be a possibility but not for me, let me explain:
I am throwing myself a lovely pitty party decorations and all, you know the usual I love my job in Idaho I don't really want to move, then I counter that with Idaho is too cold (temp was a scorching 20 degrees)at least Texas is warm. Just as I come to the light and stop only half a block from work. And BAM I get hit from behind then because I love drama I managed to hit the guy in front of me. So we had a Natalie sandwich. It was fun!! Then the girl who hit me comes out to see if I'm OK and wants to just give me her number she has some where to be. I said umm I will be calling the police and do then she needs to use my cell to call the hospital yup folks the hospital. She just gave birth to a baby exactly one week earlier and she was headed to feed him in the NICU. Why couldn't it have been some creep to hit me why a very nice lady with a sad story. So now I can't do anything except wait for the police oh ya the guy I hit is cool too. Crazy Idaho folks no one gets mad just as nice as can be (kinda creepy huh)!!
I called work and told them I would be a little late getting in because of my sandwich situation. First they pittyed me appropriately then they laughed you see it was my first day back after my trip to Texas and my second accident in less than six months. I was kinda hit by a semi in October actually backed into by a semi in October. So anyway everyone who wasn't already at the office had to drive by and see me in a wreck so they all called and or text to get the low down and again as soon as they found out that I was OK they laughed.
So after the police said I could go I went to the Redi Care place instead of the ER (which was across the street) unfortunately the were not ready to care and I spent the next forever there getting x rays and such done. So I left for work at 7:45am and actually reached work at 12:15pm.
I get to my day job and everyone is back to feeling sorry for me because I move like an idiot. Then I have to go teach my aerobics class yes folk aerobics after a car accident is probably not a good idea but no one could cover my class for me.
All said and done I think the old man car is on its last leg, it looks ok just broken bumpers and scratched up the trunk is a little smaller and the doors are drafty but heck the thing is paid for. So it will be just fine.
As for me I am fine no worse for wear I guess, and evidently long winded.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thanks Heidi

So the previous post is thanks to my dear friend Heidi. I wondered who I could possibly look like. Funny some of the people it pulled up huh. Anyway it was fun to see.

Thanks Heidi

Just the girls

Nothing to much to say we sat we posed and here we have pretty pretty pictures.

Jessica and her cousin Elise are like two peas in a pod.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It's not a polar bear

So we all went sledding for my families big Christmas party. Of course we had to bring the dog. He is the sweetest thing he is huge over 100lbs and thinks taking care of my girls is his full time job. Jessica climbs all over him and he wont let anyone near her. But if Jessica tells him to come, sit, stay, anything he is quick to do just as she says.
His name is Mac
The other pic is of a few of the cousins in the truck heading for the hills.
We had a great time my sisters picked me up and put me on a sled with one of my big sisters and down we went before I could truly protest. As we were careening down the hill of sheer ice I saw my death quickly approaching in the form of a jump. We hit with amazing speed the sled went one way and we went sailing through the air arms and legs flailing. No worries I stopped us with my BUTT yes both of us were stopped by my patuckous . When we landed our bodies were contorted in unnatural positions slowly we gathered ourselves and our breath. We hobbled away feeling a little on the old side but hey what is sledding if you don't come away limping? I am still undecided if I am going to miss sledding when we are in Texas I am not sure how many more trips my patuckous can take. But memories were definitely made that day.

Still playing catch up

We showed up to church early and a lady came to us and said we needed a picture taken we didn't plan on all wearing red but it worked out that way. So here we have the ladies in RED
Lila loves camera's basically she just wants to eat them. Lila loves all things that light up sparkle or resemble pearls. She was very helpful decorating the Christmas tree as you can tell she kept track of the ornaments.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

SO...... Santa I WANT IT ALL!!

OK!! Doesn't Lila look like Cindy Lou Who just got caught with a candy cane? She never did get it open all the way and loved sucking on it and hitting anyone who tried to take it away. Jessica is such a good kid I don't know what I would do with out her. SHE didn't need to sit on Santa's lap but Lila really needed to.
Just as they were getting off Lila grabbed a handful of the big mans beard. You should have seen Santa's face! PRICELESS

First Solids

Lila didn't like the idea of eating from a spoon, but she came around to the idea. She is 5 months old here. At 9 months she still loves rice cereal nothing in it just the cereal funny huh. But she doesn't like the stage one baby foods I think it is the texture.

Happy Halloween

Not the best pic but here are my girls and the dog on Halloween. Usually it snows in Idaho for Halloween but not this year we were lucky. They got way to much candy but that is what the holiday is all about
Jessica is a Hanna Montana witch and Lila is a bear. Eric and Laura bought the costumes.