Friday, April 27, 2007

The Pink Bandit

In my last post I told about my ugly morning appearance. Well let me tell you how it all went down, I do mean DOWN!
Ok so large lady in pink bathrobe not so pretty sneaky. I left the safety of the computer room ducking & peering around corners. Then I was left to face off with the large picture windows and about 50 yards of open space (ok maybe less). So I ran with my robe flying behind me like a super hero cape. Unfortunately the carpet ends and tile takes over about half way through. I was like a pink flying super hero then I hit the tile and with a less than glorious thump I was a large pink mess on the floor bearing my testimony every where. The large thud caught the attention of all 5 million workers out in the yard and the view they had thanks to the picture window was FRONT ROW. All mouthed "are you ok" I slithered down to my dungeon in the basement. I promptly went about making myself as presentable as possible. It takes a long time to go from zero to beautiful these days. When I felt maybe I was ready I proudly waddle up the stairs prepared to pretend that nothing happened. And show all 5 million of those workers I was feeling fine and looking. Fine? Anyway
The phone rang for my Dad who was outside so I grabbed it and out I went ready to show off the new and improved me. All 5 million workers were....GONE!!! They had to go get supplies.
So much for my big come back. I still had a good laugh at what a mess I was and I can only imagine the conversations in the trucks on the way to Home Depot. I am glad that I could brighten their lives if only for a minute.
Yes for those of you wondering I do realize that if I had just walked like a normal person none of this would have happened. But what is my life without drama. NOTHING
Hope you all enjoyed the adventures of the Pink Bandit

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ok last one this morning I promise

Visualize this (no I will not take a picture) I am very large and pregnant wearing nothing but a old pink robe. My hair is in a bun on the very top of my head (to accomplish more volume when it is down) let us not forget the bad breath morning sickness leaves behind. Ok why tell you all of this ?
Because again the landscaping crew is here and they have never seen me any other way. Ok sometimes I am eating that is cute I know. My parents yard is full of men and I look like the appitomy of why they shouldn't get married and have kids. Hey fear is good for the soul right? Anyway now I have to find a sneaky way down stairs to my cave and get a little better looking without having the entire crew see me in this state yet again. I will let you know if my stealth mission is accomplished. Lets not forget the fat pregnant lady part of this endevor
Wish me luck:)

Girl of the Week

Jessica is girl of the week today and so my Mom and I are going to her school to do an activity and talk about how great she is.
She had one request. "now listen here, I only want Grammy to come to my school." we asked why and her very honest response. " Mom always has to puke and no one wants that around" I have to admit I see her reasoning I have assured her that I can hold my lunch for an hour. Then she offered to show me where the bathroom was just in case.
I will post pictures of Jessica in her class and maybe of the boy that has a serious crush on her. He is also in our ward, He is clean cut and his parents are totally RICH. Sounds like Yenta would be happy.

Morning Sickness strikes again

So you think that the first 3 months are over so is the morning sickness right? Not so!!! I have become quite close with all 4 of my parents toilets. I had to post about it because here I sit trying to find the funny in it all. Then I realized hey I can eat as much as I want and not have the calories stick. You are all jealous and I know it. Involuntary bulimia pass the dough nuts.

7 year itch!!

April 22, 2000 Eric and I were married. That means that last sunday was my 7 year anniversary. It came and it went rather uncelebrated.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Things kids say

So as we were driving past Jessica's school and she said "look there is my school" right next to it happens to be our ward building. Jessica then pipes up "look there is my church, well every bodies church in the whole world, unless your Jewish then you don't go there you have a different one." I had to laugh.
Jessica was with my Mom and I at Kohls looking for some clothes for my Mom. Jessica was being so helpful she would yell "Hey I found some more Grandma clothes over here" then she would announce "and here are some more old people clothes". You have to love that she calls it just like she sees it.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Easter Morning

The morning was a little early. We were heading to Burley to spend the day with my brother and his family. Totally fun

The Iona easter egg hunt

Jessica didn't get as many eggs at this one but she did get 2 sports drinks. In each of the eggs at this one was candy or coupons.

Super Egg Hunt

this is a easter egg hunt at the neighbors house they did 600 eggs and there were only about 20 kids. Each egg had either candy or money in it. She made bank

Letting a kid free with a camera can be umm INTERESTING!!

Jessica was feeling artistic and went around the house with the camera. I promise the toilet is clean just out of focus. Jessica took the picture of my Dad in his chair, he is tired a lot so he sleeps in the chair a lot. She got a little modern with the picture of my belly, doll, flowers and the dog was worn out from following Jessica on her picture hunt.

Mason wants to fly

This is my nephew Mason feeding the birds and trying to fly. He got a little sick doing the jumping and flipping. Totally fun

My newest friend

This is my new friend Cynthia Cameron attorney at law. This is what a court house looks like. Not quite like Law and Order, but I think she could be on it (totally cute). I told my Mom that if when we walked in the court room we heard a dun dah. Then I would turn and run. I look large and in charge.

Young Women Big Natalie

This is me with my Mia Maids well not all of them but 2 and Julia Jessica's favorite babysitter. I think I am being told I have the maturity of a 15 year old because I always seem to get put in with the Mia Maids. But I fit there quite well and love it.