Friday, June 22, 2007

My Girls

Ok I am a little picture crazy. But aren't they cute

Grammy and Grandad

My parents with the newest additions.

Cute Cousins

This is my sisters baby Macoy and my little Lila they were born 1 week apart. Lila looks a little squished

Monday, June 18, 2007

Family Outing

So this is my family at the parade. It is a small town affair (bad choice of word). I mean a small town gathering. Anyway this is just me my parents and 2 of my sisters and their families. Oh there are more much much more. No I am not in the photo someone has to take the picture. The business going on in the back ground is a "TAG SALE" (to all the New Havenites) or just a yard sale if you are from Idaho.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Inventive or just CRAZY?

Guess how hill billy I am. Remember Lila is on her blanket for jaundice.
Well my Mom and Dad have a portable generator it isn't huge it is about the size of a lunch box cooler. Anyway I will be attending the parade in the morning with Lila her biliblanket machine and a generator. Do you think people will look at us and think what kind of Mother takes a baby out who is hooked up to machines? Well she is healthy except the jaundice thing and I need to get out. I am inventive but is it wise I don't know. I will also be attending the rodeo that night I used to compete in this rodeo as a queen and barrel racer. So I really wanted to go.
Maybe I won't go to everything who knows I just want to get out. I will take pictures.


What is my PPW? Well my friends it is my Pre-pregnancy Weight. I am back to my before Lila weight but not my before Jessica weight.
Now lets not get too excited I am back to the weight not the Pre-pregnancy shape. Hopefully that will be remedied as soon as I can work out again. Since Lila is still on the blanket that means that we don't even get to go for walks which is really sad because it is really nice out. Hopefully the Dr. will let her off the blanket on Monday, then I will start the stroller boot camp. So keep your fingers crossed.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Me and my girls

this is me with Lila
Jessica is a great big sister
I thought this was awesome looks like she gives up!!