Thursday, December 22, 2005

Paint Fumes

So much for sweet scents of baked goods or even a pine tree. This season my house is filled with the overwhelming aroma of baby pink PAINT. I am painting a book case for Jessica for Christmas the power of the pale pink is not quite enough to take over the fake cherry wood color. How many coats will this take?
Now I need to try and hide a large pink book case. Think she'll find it?

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Tis the Season

What is it about this season that makes me think I need to be Martha??? I was up to my armpits in chocolate covered everything the other day. Not a wise thing for a fat chick on a diet to do but I did. As if that wasn't enough, I put together a Christmas Party for work. One of our instructors is a bartender so we just met at her bar. The Martha in me came shining through. They all get to be skinny so I get to be Martha if I want. Anyway, I made little somkies and again the chocolate covered everything came into play.
I haven't been out with friends like that since I got married so I had a ton of fun. Thanks to V-Nat Jessica was well taken care of.
Oh yeah and I got a purse. No kidding who else do you know that can buy a purse at a bar. Remember that bartending, aerobics instructor well she also sells purses. So I got a "coach" bag from her. Eric is happy he didn't really like the one I got on Canal street. Question is this a Christmas present, a birthday present or a your such a great Martha impersonater present?
May the debate continue.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Ok now I will play catch up

I got a whole year older. I even got an Ipod video. Not that I have seen much of it Eric really likes it. I would post pictures but I have to wait until I fill up the film in my camera and then get it developed. Hint Hint Santa ;)
I forced my parents to go to my trainer while they were here, mean I know. But I worry about their health. They did a great job so any family members reading this make sure they stay on top of their exercise.
We went to NYC and had a great time we hit canal street and yes I got a new purse. Then we hit Rockefeller Center and saw the tree it was a very big tree with lots of lights. And very pretty Mom and Dad did Sax fith ave. And Jessica saw the American Girl store so we went in. I have to tell you I stood out like a sore thumb in that store. We barged in looking like we were headed sledding. Jessica in full snow suit hat hair and snow boots. I was wearing tennis shoes and my big ole coat hair slicked back in a bad pony tail. Oh yea and we had the stroller too. Cute I know. Then you look around and all of the girls and their dolls were wearing matching clothes. And all of them just oozed money. Evidently coming to this store is a formal affair. Jessica of course didn't notice and was in awe of all the dolls.
Thanks to her Nana and Bestefar Jessica got one named Samantha. She has carried it with her everywhere she goes, now she wants to know when Samantha's birthday is? No worries she decided they could share a birthday. Works for me.
Mom and I went to lunch at Sweet Harmony with Deanna Ebbert and her mom, it was fun they have a lot in common. No wonder Deanna and I get a long so well.
Hey I claimed that Eric got rid of my Forgotten Carols CD but he didn't. He found it and put it on my ipod. He is innocent this year.

Playing Catch up!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

They made it!!

My mom and dad that is, they got here late friday night. Jessica is of course thrilled.
She is showing Grammy and Grandad all of the things she can do. She made breakfast this morning. Ok, so she put the cereal on the table along with every other thing that could pass as a breakfast food. Right now she is showing Grammy how she can bath herself, but Grammy needs to sit and watch. But right now the two of them can't find her tights, I AM NEEDED!!!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

This is Taffy with Jessica in Logan Utah. Posted by Picasa

Sad News

My poor Mom :( On Tuesday she found my dog Taffy in obvious pain unable to use her back end at all. She was a 15 year old cocker spainel cross. With no one else to do it she took her to the vet who let her know that there was nothing he could do but put her out of pain. Like any good mother she let Taffy go back to heaven, rather than make her suffer on my account. I wanted to be there when she went I mean she was my best friend through it all. But of course I understand Mom, it took her until thursday to get the courage to tell me. I will miss her like no other. She was the best friend I could have asked for.
Goodbye Taffy