Friday, November 25, 2005

Today I am thankful

Ok, so I am a day late. At least I got thankful
Yesterday, I tried hard not to be sad even though I am away from my family. And sometimes I did really well, other times I was a miserable failure.
Well today is a very different day, after I taught my class this morning I went in to my bosses step class. The workout isn't over until we have gabed for way too long. Today's topic was divorce it tends to lean that way, I am the only one still kicking it in my first marriage. But today was especially intense. My good friend Kim is going through a divorce right now. All the other ladies were telling her which lawyer to use and how to get all his money. Everyone was adding their own horror stories but I had nothing to add and thankfully so. He isn't a drunk, or abusive in anyway and he tells me that he loves me everyday
I love Eric and Jessica so much and don't honestly know what I would do without them.
Eric is so patient with all of my Drama. Even though it isn't a Norwegian holiday, Eric does his best to celebrate Thanksgiving. He wanted to take me to eat some where they would have sweet potatoes with marshmallows. Because there wasn't any at our Thanksgiving dinner. Why did the Lord give me this man? Maybe I was really good in heaven.
I was either REALLY GOOD in heaven or just plain pitiful because I got a great little girl too. She is smart, (sometimes too smart) beautiful and as sweet as the day is long. Even she takes care of me. All that said looks like I couldn't survive without them.
I wouldn't have looked so hard for a good man if it weren't for the example my parents set for me. All of my brothers and sisters also married loving spouses. They too have shown me how it is done. You are all great examples of how marriage is supposed to work. Thank you.
Keep joy in your heart, and laugh at things today that will be funny in a few years.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Did you eat too much???

I even went to workout this morning to combat the calories before they landed on my belly, butt, thighs, pick a body part. But the problem with that is, then as I took my second helping of stuffing I consuled myself with memories of the sweat that I had spilt earlier. So maybe the stuffing was forgivable but do you think it is possible to burn off 2 generous pieces of cheesecake and some pumpkin pie in one day?? Me either:)
We went to the church house for dinner today. Best part of that no clean up for me and I didn't have to cook all day. But the bad part is if there is no cleanup then there are no leftovers. So here I sit wanting more stuffing, (yes I have a strange fasination with stuffing.)
But I did remember to buy some chips and cheese and salsa dip. Don't worry about me I have my store of crap to eat all night. Just no stuffing.
May you have a comfy couch sleeping kids and a pair of big old sweats.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Yes I am that girl in the class:)

No big change get up go to the gym. I now start at 8:30 (not my prettiest time of day) and end the second class I take at 10:45.
But as I stood in my always beautiful workout clothes staring in to the aerobics room mirrors I think. Mornings HATE you!! Trying to buoy myself up I say these lights are unforgiving, true!!! So how come the girl next to me looks great?
Well I made it through class unscathed and with some dignity intact.
9:45 Yoga starts. It only takes one downward facing dog for my gut to free itself and flop out for all the world to see. Pull shirt down, not that low, pull pants up, not that high. I could have come in a worse outfit for yoga but I don't know how. All the twisting and hanging upside down left my fat flailing, and my girls threatening escape. Graphic I know just be glad you weren't there for the visual effects.
Moral of the story, don't stand next to me during class I'm a wreck.

Monday, November 21, 2005

I am an old lady!!!

This morning I got up just like I should and went to the Pilates class and then to the Step class. That is where the ambition ends. I came home and went to bed, Eric was home I slept for 2 hours. My stomach was cramping my head was hurting and I had chest pains when that happens what do you do? Go back to bed and I did for another 2 hours. It is a good thing my husband is so nice he didnt wake me until it was time to go to dinner. We ate at the McDougal Hall, they served Thanksgiving dinner. Who says you have to wait until you are old and grey to have your husband take care of you?

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Parents of a big kid

We went to the pot luck at Jessica's school tonight. There was a lot of food that I did'nt think looked dead let alone etable. But for the most part the food was good.
There is one problem though I am starting to feel like a PTA mom, I am not ready to be a PTA mom at 25. To make matters worse, there is a little boy with a huge crush on Jessica his name is Simon. He is so cute whenever he sees Jessica he says " HI Jessica I am here." All night he was worried that she didn't have enough food and he brought her like 5 juice boxes. Is that the 4 year old equvilant of buying someone a drink? Then during the puppet show he saved her a seat right next to him and his little sister. Should I be worried?:) Financially it would be a good match both of his parents are doctors. So far she doesn't have a draw to bad boys that may not last.

Friday, November 18, 2005

First play date

So today was our first play date. Well I mean with someone that I don't know very well. It is a little weird to have Jessica know people that I don't. It was a little girl named Amelia and the girls seemed to have fun. The Mom (Susan) was nice and surprisingly normal. Why I expected something else I don't really know, but I did.
It may surprise some of you to know that I am a little shy with the other parents at Jessica's school. I worry because we are still students and they are all in the work force. Oh yea and because they are all at least 10 years older than me. Heaven knows I have always got something total random coming out of my mouth. So the potluck this Sunday should be interesting, hopefully I wont embarrass my family too much.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Bargain Shopper????

Hypothetical Story:)
A beautiful, charming, fun woman goes shopping with an equally beautiful friend. It is hunting season Bargain Hunting and these two are experts. Eddie Bauer is having a fanominal sale. Our first beauty finds a great skirt for $10.00, a big catch, but her hunting buddy finds shirts for like $5.00 damn her. Still proud of her skirt she goes to wear it the next day only to find that there are no shoes to go with it... sniffle. Still she wore it out knowing she was missing a major part of the outfit the SHOES!!
Weeks later her prince charming unknowingly sent her out shopping. "Take a morning away from the gym. Go shopping" he said sweet man. Not wise!! Little did he know she was still in need of the elosive great shoes.
It took only one hour before she met with her prey. Beautiful chocolate boots, but they are $50.00 does this price now nigateher ten dollar skirt?
I say NO so I bought the boots and hope I can pick up another class to pay for them.
I am I still a bargain shopper or a bad wanna be??

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

So I cook!

Who knew? I have been trying to cook at home to lose weight. We have gone an entire week without eating out. If you know my family that is a huge deal.
I am afraid that I am running out of recipes though.
I don't mind cooking but I still HATE DISHESand I have a strange feeling that they hate me too. At least the feeling is mutual

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Ok I will give this a shot.

Jessica is sitting on me. Is there no peace.
So yesterday her school called and said she was sick. She said her tummy hurt, we got home and miracle of miracles, she was fine and wanted to play she shouldn't have figured this out yet she is 4.