Saturday, May 27, 2006

I am back

I am currently at my Mom and Dad's house in Idaho. Jessica had a little meltdown today she said she might miss Connecticut. I don't know how to help her I miss it too.
I have all kinds of pictures of Eric graduating and all kinds of stuff. BUT this computer is too old and it takes a long time for things to work. So here is for hoping I figure out how to do pictures on this computer. To think I just about figured out MY computer.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Houston we have a house

We just signed a lease for a 2 bedroom condo, the school is good not stellar but good.
I dont have the exact address right here and I am just to freaking lazy to go and get the paper with it on it.
Let the never ending packing continue.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Blue eyes again

Let me give you the low down on how the antibiotics get into Jessica's eyes.
We sit down on the couch she lays onto my lap, I get the drops and go in for the drop when just as the liquid hangs above the target. She sits up and says wait wait wait. This happens many times making her forehead infection free. The first time I had to use one leg to hold down both of hers and V-Nat had her hands. Still the little crapper got away so we try again then she screams so loud and hard that she starts coughing and gaging. Now we have it down to a science, just me and Jessica. Her eye looks a lot better and tomorrow she gets to go back to school so that means I am back at the gym in full force.
Jessica has now decided that she loves the color pink for everything except her eyes those she likes blue.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Houston we have a plan

In case you didn't notice I have neglected my duties to the Blog. Well things have been a little more than crazy around here.
Eric is going to attend Rice University yup the one in Houston. So it is off to Texas we go.
Eric is there right now to finalize the application process, and find an apartment. Which is proving to be a definate challenge. Finding a nice apartment is easy enough but finding one in a good school district is a killer. Mainly because I am a snot when it comes to my kid. I mean a real snot I only have one .
Yesterday we had a tag sale and we did rather well I am now missing a large sum of my crap which is a really good thing.
Eric heads out today for Mexico he will be there for 2 weeks so that means that I will be packing up the house with the help of little Jessica. Who is currently sporting a large swollen pink eye not just the kind that you ignore, the kind where you have to take her to the doctor. And my friends, today is Sunday can you belive that doctors take a day off.
And so do apartment complexs well that makes today a day of rest no matter what.
But that doesnt mean I should avoid the shower I smell almost as bad as the garbage.