Wednesday, June 21, 2006


So my darling little star of a daughter has some serious oral trouble. First we find out she has 7 count them 7 cavities (somebody wasn't brushing very well) That was going to cost us a whopping $484.oo. Hell-o !!
Then they get in there to find out that she actually needs a root canal. That will cost well lets add it up
971.99 - surgical center
500-600 - anastesiologist
383.00 - dentist
484.00 - other cavities
What the #$%@!!!$%^( #$#$%^&*($
Then to beat all when her lip was asleep she bit it. I mean Hard. Almost clear through. Guess what happened next? Wait for it,..... yes folks it is now INFECTED!!!
So why not pull it?? My thoughts exactly. The permanent tooth under it wont show up until she is 12, we need to save room for the real one coming in.
Heaven help us.

GOOD &@!!%^**

Ok so I can swear on my own freaking blog. It took me for freaking ever to figure out that my brother in law changed my password too.
So now I have a ton to catch up on.
We went to Salt Lake and saw Becca and Andy, Macy and Kate played with Jessica and they all had a good time. We were actually there for eric's concert which was really good not that I am byassed. I was thrilled to think that maybe Kate remembered me.
So sad news turns out that I am the worst person that have a pet. I brought Alley you know my cat with no teeth and too many toes and yup she is deaf.
I was affraid that the flight and change might be to much for her and it seems that might be the case. No matter what I feed her she throws up all of the time she is losing her hair in clumps. I am trying to give her pepcid because that is what worked in CT but so far it isn't working. But when she isn't pucking she really seems to enjoy her time outside. Even though she won't walk on the grass. She sleeps on the hoods of my parents cars. She also pucks there OOPS. I will take her into a vet before I head to TX but I will not be bringing Jessica just in case the vet isn't going to say this is totaly normal.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

I have my blog back

I was helping my brother in law set up a blog and some how combined the two but they are seperate now.