Thursday, May 31, 2007

Can you say EPIDERAL?

Ok so I don't know how to spell it but I want one quite bad right now. It is almost 5 am (we all know how I like that hour) and my contractions are about 3 to 5 minutes apart. Dang those babies hurt. Anyway I have been doing this all night but I think now I need to go to the doctor, I feel bad waking my Mom up this early but. I could go in and have them check and call her in a little bit, then she could sleep a little longer. At least Jessica got a full nights sleep.
Ok in case you are wondering Lila is not due until June 16 but what would I do if something went according to plan the kid wants out and I want to accommodate.
Breath ************ Ok I am back
Deanna did you seriously do this with no drugs? Not me man hook me up NOW
I am leaving now I will call when I have a baby
Sorry no pictures you don't want to see this YIKES!!!!