Monday, February 27, 2006

When in doubt call your MOM

So my last post was deperate. I was on the phone with my mom when Jessica was "cleaning" her room. So she got a front row seat. But just like a women with 6 grown kids she entered this heated situation level headed. And just like on Dr. Phil she told me what to say (you know when he listens in on fighting couples). Magically it worked child responded well I was calm :) Chalk one up for Mom. You would think this lady has a million kids, well she kind of does 6 kids and 18 or so grand kids. But I don't remember her being this calm when I was a kid. She said she has had a lot of practise since then.
Now we need to deal with the issue that Eric is the "nice" cop and I am well not... He tried doing the dicipline last night and she full on laughed at him.
Hey it is a work in progress

Sunday, February 26, 2006


So I thought that kids weren't supposed to get really defiant and hate you until they were teenagers. Well Jessica must be very advanced. She told her teachers at school that she likes Daddy best he lets her do stuff, their response but what about your Mom? She replied "she makes me do stuff". I don't know where she started picking up that she could talk to me like I am not her Mom but instead a little kid. She has called me a JERK now TWICE!!! Yes people twice. I didn't think it would hurt my feelings but sure enough it did. The first time I swatted her on the butt, sorry it was my first reaction. By the second time I had, had time to think about what I would do if it happened again. So I threatened to call the cable guy. Yup the cable guy and have him take off the Disney Channel funny that got a much better response then the spanking. But now she really doesn't like me.
Currently she is in her room she is supposed to be cleaning, but she gets magical injuries that should keep her from doing her chores. I am at a total loss she is saying now " If Daddy was here I wouldn't have to do this HE loves me." What do I do she is 4 almost 5 but still only 4.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Not the best picture, but we had a good time. It was supposed to be a formal type dance we showed up in jeans. High class. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

No such thing as a FREE CAT

So as most of you know I managed to pick the most umm... special cat in the world. She was a stray and free, turns out she has no teeth and extra toes. Plus in case you didn't notice she is fat.
Well I think it is not normal for a cat not to have teeth. Then she gets a runny nose and throws up twice and she just acts sick. Logical think to do take her to the vet well $148.18 later. She got IV fluids, pepcid,she was dewormed and a rabies shot. Turns out the doctor doesn't really know why she is toothless. But pecked her as about 10 years old, but I couldn't afford the other tests to see how sick she really is so we now give our free kitty antibiotics and the best darn cat food out there. I am affraid the next time I will beable to afford a vet visit will be when she dies. This is the problem with old cats they get sick. Hopefully she will live to be roughly 20 years old.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Poor kitty doesn't stand a chance. Jessica loves to listen to the rumbling in her tummy. Posted by Picasa

This is our Kitty Alley!! She is a little camera shy, or she is trying to sleep but we never let her. Posted by Picasa

Friday, February 10, 2006

Stir Crazy

Here I sit on my lovely throne also known as my couch, just watching the days go by. Ok it is not that bad but I am rather bored day time tv kinda sucks, I thought I would catch up on a lot of sleep, funny I can't sleep under pressure. Rediculous huh.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

So far so good

The surgery went well and I am still alive. They didn't do any lipo instead I find myself eating way too many calories and I can't workout. So instead of getting any thinner I seem to be getting quite fat. The cat is doing her job and taking all the love quite well.
I guess we will see if the surgery worked in a few months.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Mountain out of a mole hill

So tomorrow I head in to have my Lapraoscapy (I cant actually spell it). I asked if there was anyway they could do a little lipo while they were in there, they said no, hey I was just trying to multi task.
I shouldn't be nervous but of course I am. They will go in and see why it is that I have been barren for so long. I hope they find an obvious reason instead of saying everything looks great and we don't know what your problem is.
It is a little hard because Jessica is having a hard time of it. Not wanting to go to school or go to friends houses. So I feel bad leaving her anywhere.
Thank you all for offering your help it makes me feel much better.
I know this is a routine surgery and they do it all the time and the risks are extremely low, but I have a way of keeping even simple things complicated.
The cat has earned her keep and is definately a comfort to me, she doesn't meow at night anymore either.
All is well at the Gundersen house and I will post tomorrow hopefully a little smaller around the middle, heres for hoping!!!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Up all night

Who needs an infant to keep you up all night when you have a CAT. So the first night I thought would be easy she is an older cat with lots of nights under her belt. Don't be fooled. The sun went down the lights went out and CAT came alive. Jumping on things and of all things meowing. So I slept in the living room to try and keep her quiet. As I lay there thinking what am I going to name this cat. I started calling her cozy but after awhile damn it Cozy didnt flow very well so I tried damn it Hoos Moos, that was too long by the time I had it all spit out I had to start over. Next up was damn it whiskers again a little long and for unknown reasons I have an adverse reaction to the name. We even thought that speedy would be funny in the day she is nothing but a pillow, but when night falls she bounces off the walls. Finally fell asleep with no name stuck to the cat except damn it and I cant have Jessica telling her friends that name.
Eric decided that Alley worked so the true readneck in me came out and I said damn it Alley hey it works. Added benefit I can yell it and the neighbors will think I am abusing a child instead of smuggling a cat.
So instead of up all night with an infant and smelling like spit up. I have traded that in for up all night smelling like cat AND covered in hair. To think I couln't be happier I should be commited.