Saturday, July 21, 2007

Dentist: do they charge less for less teeth??

So the 3 of us went to the Dentist, my sister works for one. Jessica and I went for a cleaning well as you can see she is running low on teeth. She still managed to get 7 cavities and need a root canal. Nothing makes a Mother more proud then having the dentist hand you your kids chart and it is all covered in red. Because you have to pay for every red spot.
For some reason Jessica had a true soul attachment to her front tooth. She wiggled that thing FOREVER. The night before we to the dentist I convinced her to let me see it professing that I wouldn't pull it out, then my Mom said Jessica look over there and snap out it came. She said Mom how do you do it? I said what she said make things that are supposed to hurt not hurt? I said it is a Mom thing!! ( If only it was true)
I had no cavities, and the dentist felt bad for me so he gave me a bleach kit. Should I be offended or not? That is kind of like someone loving you so much they sign you up for extreme makeover. You are beautiful on the inside but the outside could use a little work. NO I am kidding I have been wanting to bleach my teeth.
Lila obviously doesn't have any teeth but I got an impression of her hands and feet. All of the assistants and hygienists passed her around while Jessica and I were in the chairs, getting scrapped and scrubbed.

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Scott, Heidi and clan said...

So FUNNY! She is getting so grown up. We are still waiting for loss of teeth here, i was 7 so we will see. I am excited for your new white teeth, and the extreme makeover comment killed me....