Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It's not a polar bear

So we all went sledding for my families big Christmas party. Of course we had to bring the dog. He is the sweetest thing he is huge over 100lbs and thinks taking care of my girls is his full time job. Jessica climbs all over him and he wont let anyone near her. But if Jessica tells him to come, sit, stay, anything he is quick to do just as she says.
His name is Mac
The other pic is of a few of the cousins in the truck heading for the hills.
We had a great time my sisters picked me up and put me on a sled with one of my big sisters and down we went before I could truly protest. As we were careening down the hill of sheer ice I saw my death quickly approaching in the form of a jump. We hit with amazing speed the sled went one way and we went sailing through the air arms and legs flailing. No worries I stopped us with my BUTT yes both of us were stopped by my patuckous . When we landed our bodies were contorted in unnatural positions slowly we gathered ourselves and our breath. We hobbled away feeling a little on the old side but hey what is sledding if you don't come away limping? I am still undecided if I am going to miss sledding when we are in Texas I am not sure how many more trips my patuckous can take. But memories were definitely made that day.

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